Horton Township Cemetery Prairie Preserve

Take a step back in time. Experience the tallgrass prairie as pioneers saw it. This vast land was both an opportunity for those moving westward, and a hardship for those who stayed. Only 1.7 acres, this little piece of prairie cemetery is a gem.

Prairie History

Many pioneers who came to Northwest Iowa had to settle out on the open prairie, as the “prime” sites near trees and rivers were chosen early and all that was left was the vast expanse of grassland. Most people figured that if the land couldn’t grow trees, it wouldn’t be as good for growing a crop. Those who ended up plowing prairie sod found out differently, for it was here that the best soil in the world was found. Having been formed under the tallgrass prairie, this rich, black soil came from the organic matter that accumulated over time. Life was still tough, but the colorful prairie flowers and ever-changing sky was a trade-off.

Location Description

This prairie cemetery has 6 headstones and much history to share. Who were these settlers? From where did they come? Had they learned to love this land? What were their dreams and fears? As you walk this site and enjoy the native Big bluestem, Needle grass, Blazing star, Mountain mint, Wood betony and Gentian, and think about the lives of those who came here before us.

Driving Directions and other Information

  • L 58 (Tanager Ave.) ½ mile north of Hwy 9 between Sibley and Ocheyedan
  • GPS Coordinants - 43 26.578 95 32.644
  • 1.7 acres Osceoloa County Conservation Board
  • Hiking, Prairie Plants
Educational Activity:
  • Prairie Mapping
  • Web weaving - Spiders

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