Little Swan Lake/Christopherson Slough
Canoe the marsh, or go birding in the woodland. If you are here on a summer weekend afternoon, you may hear music in the background. Look south to the hillside where the bison roam. Put away your binoculars and head to the Little Swan Lake Winery for some good wine and local musical entertainment. An additional opportunity for “wildlife viewing”.

Geological History

Rolling moraine, potholes, and rugged glacial rubble make up this beautiful area. A moraine is a ridge of glacial till - boulders, rocks, gravel and sand - that was deposited as the glaciers melted and retreated from the state. These materials are foreign, having come from northern Minnesota and Canada, stuck in the ice and moved along as the glacier advanced.

Location Description

The woodland on the south east side of Christopherson Slough is home to warblers, thrush and vireos during migration. Look for nesting Scarlet tanagers, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Indigo bunting, and Great-crested Flycatcher in the summer. Grassland species such as Dickcissel, Sedge Wren, Grasshopper Sparrow, Meadowlark, and Killdeer also nest here. Good waterfowl, deer and pheasant hunting. There is a short trail on the northeast side.

Driving Directions and other Information

  • From the intersection of Hwy 9 at Superior, go north 2 ½ miles on N16
  • GPS Coordinants - N 43 28.438 W094.56.366
  • 1620 acres - Iowa DNR
  • Hiking, Canoeing/Kayaking, Birding, Hunting

Educational Activity:

  • Soilbuilders
  • Move the glacier --- newspaper

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Take a short visit to Little Swan Lake and Christopherson Slough via the video below!

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