Mill Creek Park

This site offers a wooded haven for birds and wildlife amid a highly agricultural landscape. A 23-acre lake brings wildlife to the site, and over 100 acres of timber are home to birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians.


This site, originally a prairie pothole, was developed as a park in the 1930’s. As a project of the Works Progress Administration (WPA), thousands of trees were planted in this park in 1937. Over 1,500 walnut trees were planted in one section, and it is estimated that there were over 200 different species placed within the park boundaries.

The wooded area provides a refuge for White-tail Deer, Red Fox, and Beaver. A large selection of songbirds uses the trees for breeding and as a migration stop-over location.

Location Description and Other Information

White-tail Deer are found in large numbers in the wooded areas throughout the winter months. Herds of deer can be seen along the lake shore and in the trees. The refuge is closed to human foot traffic during the hunting seasons in order to allow space for the animals to rest.

A great number of warblers can be seen flitting through the trees in the spring. Some of the bird species include Yellow Warblers, Common Yellowthroats, Ovenbirds, and Titmice. The water overflow running along the lake provides a perfect location to observe green and blue herons as well as belted kingfishers. The silt pond area also provides nesting locations for waterfowl including Canada geese and Wood Ducks.

A wide variety of smaller creatures including turtles, frogs and salamanders can be found along the banks of the stream. The water overflow at the dam provides an ideal location for pond study of small invertebrates.

The lake was most recently renovated in 2005. It is stocked with bass, bluegill, crappie and catfish and provides an excellent location for year round fishing. A handicap accessible dock is available which includes an opening kept ice-free by aeration during the winter season.

Bring along your fishing pole for a little lakeside relaxation after your prairie hike, The lake in the park is stocked with bass, bluegill and crappie and is a popular location from which to fish.

• 5660 - 490th St; Hwy 10, ½ mile east of Paullina.
• GPS Coordinates N42deg59.009; W95deg40.134
• 139 acres – Lake 23 acres – Owned by State of Iowa, Managed by O’Brien County Conservation
• Hiking, Birding, Fishing
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